We are really excited about our new Miniature Digital Hydrophone (MDH) Project, it’s for students to learn about underwater world through sound.  The MDH is a small low cost recorder that is designed to listen to sounds underwater using a special microphone called a hydrophone.

  • —The MDH helps students make first hand discovery of what’s happening beneath the waves. You use the MDH to record sounds from a fish tank, a pool, or the open ocean, and use open source software to listen to and visualize the sounds.
  • —The MDH kit is a complete science kit for exploring underwater sounds.
  • —Using the MDH students explore the underwater environment in a hands-on way.
  • —Teachers encourage and help students to analyze and compare many different environments share the lessons of biology, ecology, physics, math, engineering, as well as develop skills of game playing, critical thinking, team work and competition.

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